Saturday, 28 February 2009

A whole list.

I painted. And watched movies. And tried sleeping.
Basically doing anything but reading. D;

I did read three books over the last two weeks, however.

1. Ghosts, by Hendrik Ibsen, author of A Doll's House.
I liked the idea behind it, but did not enjoy the actual reading itself.

2. Answered Prayers, by Danielle Steel. A real Steel-novel. Nothing less, nothing more.
This one got me thinking about how stuff's going in my life, and those closest to me.. So yeah. Personal.

3. A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, by James Joyce. And man, that Joyce is a genius x.x I liked reading it, a lot. Although honestly, it takes a while to figure out what the hell the guy is on about.
I'll make it a link, too, as soon as I get to write more about it.

The other two are links to a bit more of my own opinion about it all. I couldn't get myself to write about either more than once.

And right now I'm trying to read the first book of Vampire Earth series, as well as a chick lit and a drama. Anything but what I'm supposed to read for college, in other words. God help me. xD

The Gypsy.

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